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Frying Tips

In South Africa, fried food can be considered a major item in the diet of many people. Consequently, this has resulted in large
Quantities of frying oil and fat being used and consumed by our community.  Attempts to bring about saving in the cost of frying
Oil has resulted in large quantities of oil being heated repeatedly over long periods and hence becoming severely oxidised
(i.e. Abused). As a result, strict regulations have been published in the Government Gazette of 16 August 1996 (No. R1316)
Which now makes it a criminal offence in S.A. To use edible oils and fats containing more than 25% polar compounds and/or
16% polymerised triglycerides (varnish-like compounds) to fry food with. These products are formed during the extensive
Use of any type of frying oil and fat and result in the production of poor quality fried food which may be injurious to health.

In this review, tips and a trouble shooting guide will be presented which can be used with great benefit by frying establishment.
Most information has been obtained from the excellent publication presented by E.G. Perkens and M.D. Erickson in the book
Titled Deep Frying: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Practical Applications which was published at the end of 1996.

1. Tips

2.  Trouble Shooting guide